M2M Engineering and has made progress in several projects with high multidisciplinary expertise in the areas of Electronics Engineering, Engineering Mechanics and Hydraulic Engineering. In particular, the part design and engineering is particularly useful in the areas of monitoring, control, remote control, plant production and exploitation of organic crops such as photobioreactors and biological reactor systems, alternative energy production from biomass, and in safety and environmental monitoring.


"Custom Engineering" to customer specification: a new concept and design of equipment on request starting from the very idea of the customer

Design, development, prototyping and mass production of electronic devices, sensors, monitoring and control processes

analyze and design integrated system of project

Automates and industrial process control systems and scientific

Agility and remote control of devices and processes

Agility and remote M2M (Machine To Machine) (which was born the name of the M2M Engineering solutions such as experts in monitoring and control technologies M2M)

Integration, optimization and development of existing and new sensor design for scientific and industrial applications

Technology integrated artificial intelligence (microprocessor-FPGA-DSP-PIC)

Control uP through automation - PLC - PIC

System of Remote control via GSM-GPRS-UMTS-HSDPA

System of remote control via RF modems UHF-VHF short and long range

System of remote platforms Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11-

Routing · Design and manufacture of electronic circuit boards and PCB specification

Technology integration of RF-ID for the process control

Interface and Control Systems Multi I / O Digital and analog

Integration on board cards designed for GPS-WAAS, EGNOS and integration with satellite tracking systems

Sensors using techniques ·: Ultrasound - Infrared - Ultraviolet - Laser - Electrochemical measurement and control of various parameters

Integration of equipment with remote-controlled stand-alone photovoltaic systems and Grid-Connected

Design of new systems for experiments on photosynthesis and Photobiology

Design Lighting apartments and lighting systems for organic farming

Design and manufacture of new types of lighting equipment with organic farming techniques Flashing Pulsed modulation frequency, power and energy

Power management techniques, energy, radiation lobes on PAR lighting systems for organic farming

Measures and monitored on a spectrum of generations Spectroradiometers, spectrophotometers, photoradiometer, etc ...

Design and manufacture of new types of sensors for the evaluation of photobioreactors on algal biomass controlled


Design and fluid dynamic simulations

Optimized components of biological reactors and photobioreactors

Measures and profiles of turbulence on parts with complex technologies ADV (Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter), PIV (Particle ImageVelocimetry)

Induction of turbulence on · controlled photobioreactors for algal cultures

Design, prototyping and manufacturing systems, forced circulation, treatment and management of crops, etc. ..

Design's propellers, pumps, recirculation, optimized by Application


Design and simulations of the full mechanical system

Optimized components of biological reactors and photobioreactors

Study and optimization of materials and techniques used in products and systems designed

Design and simulation of static and dynamic stresses of complex systems and equipment

Study and appropriate use of new technologies and new generation materials and equipment in new project

Design and prototyping of dynamic systems and equipment "Custom"

Design and simulation of biological reactors and new photobioreactor

Simulation and rendering of the equipment prior to production to verify mechanical interference, dynamic operations, etc. ..

Design's propellers, pumps, recirculation, optimized by Application